Free Vista, Comcast help: you get what you pay for and a new social life

February 11, 2009

I know there’s nothing more boring than other peoples’ computer problems but now that I’m in my 61st hour of  Microsoft Vista difficulties and my sixth day of being unable to use Comcast email for my business,  I’m going public  in hopes that Microsoft and Comcast will take note and send reinforcements–or of finding  a lawyer who would like to start a class action suit or two.

If anyone is interested in either saga or has any advice, I’ll  be happy to post the details (or email them–should that become a possibility).  In the meantime, I look forward to continuing my newfound friendships and morning, noon and late night phone calls with the tech support communities in India, New Jersey, Nova Scotia, Boston, Newfoundland, and North Carolina . Everyone has been most gracious and sympathetic, and I do appreciate finally having a social life.

PS–Did you know that Microsoft will help with Vista issues for free? From the support web site, it looks like you have to pay $59 per call or online chat–so I wasted three months emailing back and forth with 24-hour response time.  According to the site, free support is available only for Service Pack I  will be available only through March 31, 2009, but at the rate my case is being resolved, it should be available for years to come.  Click here for the url.

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