Cambridge managing consulting firm Scientia Advisors (my client!) has released a fascinating study about growth in the neurostimulation technology markets. 

Scientia has found that these technologies–electrical devices implanted to stimulate portions of the brain, spinal cord and sacral nerve– are growing at a rate of 16 percent –and are beginning to supplant drugs as the treatment of choice for certain conditions.

The study, described in the August 21 Medical Device Daily and in a press release issued yesterday, suggests that these new technologies have fewer side effects and could help cut health care costs by doing away with the need for lifelong drug regimens. Scientia   recommends that device companies become involved in this growth area.

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Anita Harris

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I’m pleased to report that Cambridge Community Television has once again received the Overall Excellence in Public Access Programming Award from the national Alliance for Community Media in its Hometown Video Festival.

 This is the eighth time in CCTV’s twenty-one year history that the station has received this award, recognizing the diversity and quality of CCTV’s programming, as well as its relevance to the Cambridge community.

CCTV competed in the highest budget category, against much larger access centers in major cities throughout the United States. Numerous CCTV producers also received high accolades in the festival:

Project Documentary’s The Dames, about Boston’s roller derby team, placed first in the Sports Entertainment category; teens participating in CCTV’s youth program were also recognized: Josh Washington and William Sheffield for their original teleplay “Homies”, Julie Pan for “King Open Extended Day Program”, Cody Romano for “Dawn”, and Alex Ayabe for his music video “Guarantee”, which he produced at Cambridge Educational Access.

 Laura Asherman also received an Honorable Mention for her video “You Contribute to Global Warming”. Watch some of our finest programming from 2008 in this video! You can also view the full list of winners at

I’ve taken several excellent courses at CCTV–in Dreamweaver, Excel, and MS Publisher; also on video shooting and editing.  If you join, fees  are nominal–you get $100 worth of courses for $55–less if you put in volunteer time; more if you’re not a Cambridge resident.  It’s a great way to learn about new technologies,  learn television production, produce videos–even host your own TV program. Check it out!

Anita M. Harris

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July 8, 2009 – 1:04pm — Nilagia

I couldn’t understand why the editor of the Lincoln (MA) Review,  would ask members of my writers group for pieces on our favorite ice cream shops…Doesn’t everyone already know that Kimball’s at Bate’s Farm  (343 Bedford Rd, Route 225), in Carlisle  is the best place in the world to go for ice cream?

I live in Cambridge—walking distance from Steve’s,  Herrells, Lizzie’s, Toscanini’s, Emack and Boglio, Berry Line and the now defunct Bailey’s, in Harvard Square.  

But none of those can compete with Kimball’s/Bates Farm for ambience, flavors, serving size or price.

 At Bates, it’s  fun to see the kids and the farm animals, teenagers on dates –apologies for the non-sequitor–but last Spring, my friend Lisa and I were amused to watch kids watching sheep who appeared to be on dates)– and to join folks and families sitting outside at outdoor picnic tables.

But, mostly, the ice cream itself is, simply, great.  More flavors than I can list here. I’ve forsaken coffee heath bar crunch for a new best friend :  mocha almond assault—but for the ostensibly health conscious, there are  sherbet, sorbet or  frozen yogurts like peanut butter fudge swirl and black raspberry chocolate chip.

The portions are huge (another reviewer says the “baby” cone is actually the size of a baby)—and, while Kimball’s/Bates prices gone up considerably in the last few years,  compared with Cambridge,  the prices are right ( $3.25 for baby, $3.60 for small, $3.95 for large).

 I can’t vouch for the other Kimballs –there’s one on Route 14 in Jaffery, NH, and another  at 400 Littleton Rd, in Westford (the latter has a seafood restaurant, miniature golf, a driving range and a bumper boat pond)—but all serve the same delicious, cold, rich, creamy stuff.  

Best of all, for me, the Kimball’s experience is wonderfully dietetic. With Bates Farm, the closest, almost 20 miles from my home, I can’t get there often. And because what they offer is so good, I no longer bother going anyplace else.  

——–Anita Harris

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