As an author, former radio and TV producer, and communications consultant, I was excited to read about “Vooks”–a hybrid “literary”  form that merges text, Web and video features–in the New York Times. 

Although most of the highbrows who commented  online were skeptical or negative about new vook ventures by Simon and Schuster and others, I’m thrilled–as I’ve been struggling to cram 4 years worth of my LOL  college diaries into linear form–along with memories buttressed by videotapes and photos of concerts and political demonstrations I was delighted to find  on line.

I’m excited to be  able integrate a myriad of forms that will allow me to share  my experiences and my peers’ with my readers –er–viewers–er  surfers.  Oh, heck.  My audience,  if I can figure out how to find one!

BTW–my book in progress is called Ithaca Diaries, and I’d love for you to suggest possible agents or vublishers.

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Anita M. Harris

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